Playlist info for: 'Wings of the Serpent', 03-12-2019, on wtul

Playlist for Wings of the Serpent, 03-12-2019 @ wtul at radioactivity.fm

DJ name: Wings of the Serpent
Last seen: Mar. 18, 2019 @ 3:00 pm
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Time Title Artist Album Label Genre
10:00pm Yes Sir, No Sir Cerberus Shoal Crash My Moon Yacht Pandemonium Experimental
10:12pm Drool Black Dice Load Brown Paw Tracks Experimental
10:18pm Thats's When the Party Started The Dismemberment Plan Is Terrified De soto Loud Rock
10:22pm Devenir Immortel D. Vassalotti Guitar Dream Wharf Cat Experimental
10:27pm Hat Energy Awesome Color Awesome Color Ecstatic Peace Loud Rock
10:32pm Your Boss's Shirt Frog Eyes Violet Psalms Paper Bag Experimental
10:35pm Ocean and Sky El Guapo Fake French Dischord Experimental
10:37pm Skunks Are Cool Buck Gooter Finer Thorns Ramp Local Experimental
10:41pm Mammal Beats Les Georges Leningrad Sangue Puro Tomlab Experimental
10:43pm Wealth Fox/ Millions Duo Biting Through Thrill Jockey Experimental
10:49pm Esem,Ekelem Godzikpink You're in the jungle Baby 5RC Experimental
10:51pm Fresh Step Anthem Fresh Step Fresh Step s/r Local
10:54pm Fancy Abiku Location s/r Experimental
10:55pm Vampire Messiah Evil Nurse Sheila Winter/ Resort Ep Spinning Toe-Hold Local
10:57pm No Repair Frustrations Negative Reflections X Records Loud Rock
11:04pm Black Flag Duchess Says Anthologie Des 3 Perchoirs Alien 8 Electronic
11:09pm The Crying Pill Matmos Plastic Anniversary Thrill Jockey Experimental
11:13pm Electric Guitar Hella Total Bugs Bunny on Wild Bass Narnack Alt Oldie
11:21pm Center vt100 The Burden of Irrational Optimism s/r Electronic
11:22pm The Donkey and the Walrus Drums & Tuba Vinyl Killer Righteous Babe Alt Oldie
11:26pm Straight Street Fiery Furnaces Blueberry Boat Rough Trade Prog
11:28pm Broken Water Old Time Religion Uterus and Fire K Records Experimental
11:39pm Lighting Fossil Prince Rama Shadow Temple Paw Tracks Experimental
11:42pm Candy Dinner Yip-Yip In the Reptile House S.A.F Experimental
11:45pm Love is Best Head Wound City A New Wave of Violence Vice Experimental
11:49pm I'm Downright Amazed at What I Can Destroy with Just a Hammer Atom & His Package Hamburgers File13 Electronic
11:51pm Epic Suitcase Ear Pwr Super Animal Brothers 3 Carpark Electronic
11:54pm Thigh-Master I'm Yr. Master The Sick Lipstick Sting Sting Sting Tigerstyle Experimental
11:55pm SedSUMTING oOoOO NoSummr4U s/r Electronic

Playlist Artists:
 Atom & His Package
 Awesome Color
 Black Dice
 Buck Gooter
 Cerberus Shoal
 D. Vassalotti
 Drums & Tuba
 Duchess Says
 Ear Pwr
 El Guapo
 Evil Nurse Sheila
 Fiery Furnaces
 Fox/ Millions Duo
 Fresh Step
 Frog Eyes
 Head Wound City
 Les Georges Leningrad
 Old Time Religion
 Prince Rama
 The Dismemberment Plan
 The Sick Lipstick

Playlist Labels:
 Alien 8
 De soto
 Ecstatic Peace
 K Records
 Paper Bag
 Paw Tracks
 Ramp Local
 Righteous Babe
 Rough Trade
 Spinning Toe-Hold
 Thrill Jockey
 Wharf Cat
 X Records